Packaging Training kicking off this week!


Short version: if you’re interested in learning what it takes to learn packaging, mark Thursday in your calendar. From now on Thursday is Packaging Training Day.

Based on our experience with initiatives like the MOTU Q&A Sessions, the Ubuntu Developer Week and Ubuntu Open Week, the Ubuntu Developer Community is offering the following training effort starting in April:

  • one 1-hour session every week
  • short demo of packaging techniques
  • rest of the hour: ask all the questions you like
  • in #ubuntu-classroom on
  • with translators in #ubuntu-classroom-{de,es,it,fr,…} if you’re not sure enough asking your questions in English yet

We rotate session times to make sure we cover all timezones:

  • 1st Thursday of the month, 6:00 UTC
  • 2nd Thursday of the month, 12:00 UTC
  • 3rd Thursday of the month, 18:00 UTC
  • 4th Thursday of the month, 0:00 UTC
  • (5th Thursday of the month, 6:00 UTC)

So for April we’re very proud to announce the following sessions:

  • 2nd April, 06:00 UTC: Daniel Holbach, Fixing an Ubuntu bug
  • 9th April, 12:00 UTC: James Westby, bzr builddeb –in-15-minutes
  • 16th April, 18:00 UTC: Didier Roche, How-to update a package
  • 23rd April, 00:00 UTC: Daniel T Chen, Package testing: piuparts and VMs
  • 30th April, 06:00 UTC: Daniel Holbach, Getting Started with Ubuntu Development

Do you want to give a session? Do you have questions? Would you like to request a session? Would you just like to hang out? Do you want to help out with translations? Header over to Packaging/Training and add yourself.

This is an effort by the Ubuntu Developer Community, if you can do something to improve it and help others to get the most out of it, help out. This is going to be what we make of it. Get involved now!


9 Responses to “Packaging Training kicking off this week!”

  1. Dom Says:

    sounds great!

    it’d be useful to have a public iCalendar feed to subscribe to for these training events

  2. Ciarán Says:

    Briliant idea!

  3. Farmer Dev » Mark Thursday in your calendar Says:

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  4. André Gondim » Aula de empacotamento para o Ubuntu Says:

    […] Fonte do post, aqui. […]

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    […] Packaging: Packaging Training kicking off this week! If you ever wanted to learn how to package apps for Debian/Ubuntu now’s your chance to find […]

  6. Gerry Says:

    It would be very nice, if the logs of the session are saved somewhere, so that you can watch the demo (video?) and follow the chat later.

    The idea is great 🙂

  7. Eric Pritchett Says:

    Would be nice if you created an calendar event for people to download and automatically add to Evolution with a friendly reminder. 🙂

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