First Packaging Training session


So we just had our first Packaging Training session. It was awesome! Lots of people attended and although we didn’t quite manage to hold the session in exactly one hour, we had a bunch of people presenting their patch at the end of the session.

So what did we do? We had a look at a bug that was still there in Ubuntu, bug fixed Upstream already. We walked through all the steps necessary and worked our way through a bunch of snags that we hit. Logs of the session are available.

I hope everybody had a good time and hopefully we’ll close down the number of bugs fixed elsewhere.

Great start of Packaging Training. Next up is James Westby at 9th April, 12:00 UTC talking about bzr builddeb. See you there!


6 Responses to “First Packaging Training session”

  1. spych102 Says:

    Unfortunately I had to leave to go to work before it was over but the part of the session that I did attend was very useful because it is so much easier to get your head around something new when it is being demonstrated live.

    I’ll go through the logs soon. Next time, can you mandate all students to use Jaunty? This is because those of us on Intrepid and Hardy caused total chaos 😉 for our very patient teacher.

  2. Dom Says:

    looks great.

    one request for future sessions, could the session chair be opped in the channel on IRC so that their username is prefixed with @ in the logs?

  3. Anand Says:

    I posted the following message as reply to the ubuntu-devel-announce email about the packaging training:

    Just wondering whether these training sessions be available online to be viewed at a later time?! The reason I ask is because in the time zone (US EST) where I live most of the sessions are either early in the morning or during working hours.

  4. Anand Says:

    Yes, I did come across the log soon after I posted the previous message.

    If I have any questions in any of the sessions, where can I post it?


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