Second Packaging Training Session


Last week, James Westby gave a fantastic session about bzr builddeb. True to his word, after about fifteen minutes, James had finished explaining how to build a package using bzr builddeb. However, due to some great community participation, he decided to spend a little more time discussing bzr builddeb before holding a very informative question and answer session. Overall, this was a really great session filled with lots of valuable information. For those of you who might have missed the session, logs are available on the wiki.

Tomorrow, Didier Roche will be holding a session about How-to update a package. The session is scheduled for: 16th April, 18:00 UTC, and it will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on

If you are interested in leading a session, have a topic you would like to see discussed, or simply want to see the session schedule, please visit the packaging training wiki page. The sessions are also listed on the Frdige.


2 Responses to “Second Packaging Training Session”

  1. Second Ubuntu Packaging Training Session | Says:

    […] to the ubuntu-packaging blog, there will be a second Training session for those who missed the first one, or were confused. […]

  2. joel gizzo Says:

    i am new to ubuntu but i love it . i do not like Windows .

    my zip is 98382

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