The training doesn’t stop for a release party


Even on the eve of Jaunty’s release, we’re already working towards training more potential developers for the next release. In our most recent Packaging Training Session, Daniel T Chen led a great discussion on Package testing: piuparts and VMs. He led us through an example of how to use piuparts in order to test the installation, upgrade, and removal of packages. Piuparts is an under-used, but important QA tool for packagers. Proper QA will both save you time in the long run and help make Ubuntu better. You can find the logs on the wiki, if you missed it.

To kick off the Karmic cycle, the one and only Daniel Holbach will be back with our next Packaging Training Session: Getting Started with Ubuntu Development. It is scheduled for 30th April, 06:00 UTC, and as always it will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on It should be a great starting point for MOTU hopefuls.

Don’t party too hard at your local Jaunty Release Party!


6 Responses to “The training doesn’t stop for a release party”

  1. Steve Dodier Says:

    06 AM or PM ? 😀

  2. Balachmar Says:

    Couldn’t there be a Google calendar of these things be made available?
    Then I can just add it to my calendars.

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