Getting Started with Ubuntu Development


There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on this week in Ubuntu-land! Ubuntu Open Week is in full swing. You should really it check out if you want to learn more about the Ubuntu community.

For people interested in taking the next step and diving into Ubuntu development, this week’s regularly scheduled Packaging Training Session is for you. Daniel Holbach will be hosting Getting Started with Ubuntu Development. It is scheduled for 30th April, 06:00 UTC, and as always it will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on

If you attended Daniel’s Doing Ubuntu Development session during Open Week on Monday, this should be a good continuation. He’ll use some hands-on examples to take you through setting up a development environment. With Jaunty just out the door, and Karmic Koala now open for development, it’s a great time to get involved and help shape the next Ubuntu release.

This session will also round out the first month of our weekly Packaging Training Sessions. Next month is already looking like it will be great, but if you missed any of the previous sessions, you can still go back and check out the logs:


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