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Reviewing new packages

May 20, 2009

The next installment of our on-going, regularly scheduled, always informative, weekly Package Training Sessions will be tomorrow (Thursday) @ 18:00 UTC (did I mention that they’re always on Thursdays?). Morten Kjeldgaard (mok0) will be presenting on “Reviewing new packages.”

New packages for Ubuntu go through a review process on the aptly named site REVU. If you want to pitch in and help look at new packages, or if you’re just interested in knowing what it takes to get a package in Ubuntu, you should drop on by #ubuntu-classroom on

What’s that you say? You’re not interested in new packages at all? You want to patch packages already in the archive? Well you should have been at last week’s session!

Luckily the logs are up on the wiki. Alexander Sack (asac) showed us how to use some of the patch systems for Debian packages, quilt and simple-patchsys for CDBS.


Patch Systems and Packaging

May 14, 2009

Last week, Dustin Kirkland (kirkland) kicked off our second month of packaging training sessions with a session about Personal Package Archives (PPAs). He went through the entire process of downloading a source package from the official repositories, making a change, and uploading the new package to a PPA. He even had an interactive Screen session setup so that everyone could watch him as he did this. If you have any interest in PPAs, I would strongly urge you to read through the logs of the IRC session.

This week, Alexander Sack (asac) will be leading a session about Patch Systems and Packaging. The session will take place on:14th May, 12:00 UTC, and it will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on This is going to be a great session that you will not want to miss.

Personal Package Archives (PPAs)

May 6, 2009

Following up last week’s Ubuntu Open Week and Daniel Holbach’s Packaging Training session about Getting Started with Ubuntu Development, we have another great session to present to you. This week, Dustin Kirkland (kirkland) will be leading a session about Personal Package Archives (PPAs). The session is scheduled for: 7th May, 06:00 UTC, and it will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on PPAs are a great way to share the packages that you create with other users. Knowing how to properly use them can be a very valuable skill to know. We hope to see you all at the session; you will not want to miss it.