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On-Call Review

August 12, 2009

Time for another exciting Packaging Training Session. This time is going to be a bit unusual, we are going to be very hands-on. We will have Colin Watson, Daniel Holbach, James Westby and S├ębastien Bacher around who will review your patches, updates and other sponsoring requests while you are there and point out problems on IRC.


How to upgrade a package properly

August 6, 2009

Following up last week’s great session about Mozilla Packaging Techniques, Emmet Hikory (persia) will be giving a session about how to upgrade a package properly. The session will take place on August 6th, at 6:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom on We hope to see you there. As always, if you are interested in viewing the logs for any of our previous sessions, they are available on the wiki.