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Mozilla packaging techniques (extensions, patchsystems, bzr)

July 29, 2009

Tomorrow at 30th July, 06:00 UTC Alexander Sack (asac) from the Ubuntu Mozilla Team will give a session on the techniques they use for packaging Mozilla packages. He will cover packaging of extensions, and how they make use of bzr to co-ordinate their work.
Join us in #ubuntu-classroom on


Packaging Perl Modules

July 22, 2009

After the session from the Mono team last week we have our friends from the Debian Perl team joining us to give you details on packaging Perl modules and how to get involved with their team. gwolf and jawnsy will present the session in #ubuntu-classroom on at 23rd July, 00:00 UTC.

Mono packaging: quick, easy, and awesome

July 15, 2009

In this week’s Packaging Training Session Jo Shields (directhex), of the Debian/Ubuntu Mono team, will be explaining how to package Mono applications and libraries. Come to #ubuntu-classroom on at 16th July, 18:00 UTC to find out more.