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Packaging KDE4 Apps/Plasmoids

June 17, 2009

Our next Packaging Training Session is going to show Kubuntu a little love. This Thursday (June 18) at 18:00 UTC, MOTU Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna) will be leading a session on packaging KDE4 Apps and Plasmoids. Find out what it takes to pitch in and join the Kubuntu community. Learn the ways of the Kubuntu Ninjas!

Join us, as always, in #ubuntu-classroom on

If KDE isn’t your thing, remember all the past Packaging Training Session logs are on the wiki. We’re also planning for next month. Is there a techinque or tool you want to share with your fellow K/Ubuntu contributors? Is there something that you’ve been hoping someone would lead a session on? Let us know. The commentsa are open!


Packaging Java libraries

June 11, 2009

As ttx already announced, he is giving a session today, as part of our weekly Package Training Sessions, about packaging Java libraries. The session is today, June 11th @ 12:00 UTC.

If you’re interested in Java packaging and 12:00 UTC suits you fine, come and join usĀ  at #ubuntu-classroom on If 12:00 UTC is too early, too late or you just cannot make it, remember that the logs of this, and the rest of the packaging training sessions are stored at

The good thing about rescheduling…

June 4, 2009

… is that you get two Packaging Training sessions on one day!

Due to a scheduling mistake, Michael Vogt couldn’t make it, so I made it an impromptu Ubuntu Development Q&A session instead (Logs). Our good friend and apt/synaptic/update-manager/…/… maintainer Michael Vogt will talk about Make Your Package Upgrade Correctly at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom on later today!

Make sure you’re there later on! Thanks Michael for giving the session!

Make Your Package Upgrade Correctly

June 2, 2009

The next session of our weekly Package Training Sessions will be next Thursday @ 6:00 UTC. Michael Vogt (mvo), Update Manager’s main developer, will be talking about “Making Your Package Upgrade Correctly”.

Have you ever tried to upgrade your distribution and got an error when upgrading a package? Michael will give us good tips on how to avoid these issues in our packages. If you care about your users’ upgrade experience, come and join us at #ubuntu-classroom on